Try out delicious offering of Squire Mountain spreadable tub cheese with flavors like port wine, garlic herb, good ol’ cheddar, horseradish, cheddar olive and pimento, and bacon cheddar! We also have blocks of hard cheddar. Squire Mountain cheese was founded in 1996 in Fryeburg, Maine and now is distributed in several states. Their new facility is located in Standish. Owners Paul and Deana come to give free samplings at Sweetser’s every year. Their tub cheese gets its name from the old wooden tubs in which cheese like this used to be produced.Marinated Chevre- Topped with cracked pepper and set in a delicious container of olive oil, rosemary, peppercorns, and garlic.  Amazing tossed into a cooked pasta with a few sun dried tomatoes for a quick gourmet dinner.$7.00


We also sell cheese from Sunflower Farm, a local farm down the road from us in Cumberland with 16 Nigerian Dwarf goats, which they milk for cheese 9 months out of the year. The baDesigned by Jessica Boehman. Find more of her work online at Hans My Hedgehog.bies, which are born between March and May of each year, are always extremely popular and even had national acclaim this year!

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