Vista Bella

Vista Bella was developed at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, in the 1950s. It is grown commercially on a small-scale, particularly in the USA. The name “Vista Bella” comes from the Guatamalan highlands where it is also grown.

Vista Bella is a medium-sized apple, with a light yellow-green skin, flushed deep red where exposed to the sun. The color frequently changes to a solid crimson when ripe or over-ripe in good sunlight. For such an early variety the flavor is remarkably good, with a distinctly fruity taste reminiscent of slightly under-ripe raspberries. The flesh is light and juicy, and this apple is very easy and enjoyable to eat. If you have been surviving on old supermarket apples stored from the previous season, then Vista Bella is a revelation, with its full-on taste of the summer.

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