Snow Apple

This, along with Red Gravensteins, are one of the oldest heirloom varieties of apple we have at the orchard, dating from at least the 1600s in France.  These apples are so named for their “snow white” flesh. They are belived to be the ancestors of the popular McIntosh apples. They were introduced to the US from Canada in 1739 and few Snow Apple trees now remain. They are nice a crisp, good for eating and cooking. Snow apples ripen in late September to early October.

4 Responses to Snow Apple

  1. kay says:

    Would like to get some snow apples

    • gsweetser says:

      Kay, last year was a very low harvest for Snow apples. We will pick Snow apples tomorrow for the market this weekend.
      Greg Sweetser

  2. Allyson Wemple says:

    I love apples but my Canadian boyfriend constantly exclaims that no apples are as good as snow apples and therefore won’t eat any I buy. Does anyone know where I can buy snow apples to have shipped to Florida? I would love to surprise him!

    • gsweetser says:

      Allyson, I sampled a Snow apple this morning and they are ready to harvest. We do ship to Florida. A gift pack contains 25 apples and the cost is $50. You can send me an email if you are interested in having us ship a box to you. The Snow apple is not my favorite eating apple and we can send you a selection of apples in addition to the Snow apple if you would like a variety. send your email to Thanks for your inquiry. Greg Sweetser

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