Rhode Island Greening

The Rhode Island Greening is one of the first varieties of apple produced in American by European colonists. The Greening dates back to aproximately 1650 when Rhode Island tavern owner named Mr. Green produced these apples.  They are now an uncommon variety found sprinkled across America. They were once a very popular commercial apple, best known for their use in apple pies. People love their crisp, tart taste which resembles the Granny Smith.

2 Responses to Rhode Island Greening

  1. Elaine McCain says:

    I grew up with a greening tree in my backyard, which was originally the orchard for an old farm. I always thought my mom made up the name because of the color! I own that house and yard now, and finally got around to looking the apple up. We figure our tree is close to 100 years old; it is nearly totally hollow yet keeps producing year after year. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Dianne Fraser says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase R.I.com Greening Apples online and have them shipped to me.
    Your prompt response will be very much appreciated. Thank you!


    Dianne Fraser

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