Baldwin apples were once the most popular apples in New England because of their excellent taste and ability to be stored throughout the winter. Baldwin’s are one of the oldest American apple varieties, dating back to the 1740s or earlier by some accounts. They were discovered in Wilmington, Massachusetts by William Butters and popularized by Colonel Loammi Baldwin. The apple was known as the Woodpecker until Baldwin promoted the apples in the 1780s. Baldwin fought in the Revolutionary War with George Washington and is known as the father of American Civil Engineering. The Baldwin’s firm, crisp flesh allows them to be widely shipped and maintain their texture for long periods of time.

2 Responses to Baldwin

  1. Tar Larner says:

    Is it true that the Baldwin is harvested only every other year?

    • gsweetser says:

      That is partially true. Many varieties tend to alternate from year to year. The heavy crop on year will limit the fruit bud formation the following year. Tree pruning and thinning the heavy crop are steps that help level that cycle.

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