Who We Are

IMG_7134Constance “Connie” Sweetser is the matriarch and loves to visit with customers and friends. Dick passed away in October 2016. They still work actively in the orchards and market. Dick was the 4th generation Sweetser who grew up on the farm back when they had horses, chickens and the occasional pig. Connie is a former “city girl” from Portland who met Dick at the University of Maine and became a fantastic farmer and fruit grower. They were happily married for more than 60 years. Connie is known for her ready smile, active participation in the community, and tireless work ethic.



IMG_3601Greg Sweetser represent the 5th generation of Sweetsers and has taken over most of the day to day operations at the orchard. Greg works in the ski industry when he’s not on the farm and is up early every morning attending to farm chores. Greg lost his wife Debby Freeman to cancer in June of 2016. Their son Eben is the 6th generation of Sweetser to grow up on the farm. Their older son Sam lives and works in Park City Utah.

Susan Novak is the full time Manager at Sweetsers.  She oversees the Retail Market and has spent the summer renovating the display area. Susan’s enthusiasm and hard work fits in perfectly with Sweetser family philosophy and keeps the operation and schedules running smoothly.

Sweetser’s employs all local pickers and market workers. For many of our high school employees, working at Sweetser’s is their first job, and we are proud of the achievements of our workers as they go on to college and the work place.

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