Who We Are

IMG_7134Constance “Connie” Sweetser and Richard “Dick” Sweetser are Sweetser’s octagenarian matriarch and patriach. They still work actively in the orchards and market. Dick is a 4th generation Sweetser who grew up on the farm back when they had horses, chickens and the occasional pig. Connie is a former “city girl” from Portland who met Dick at the University of Maine and became a fantastic farmer and fruit grower. They have been happily married for more than 60 years. They are known for their ready smiles, active participation in the community, and tireless work ethic.



IMG_3601Greg Sweetser and his wife Debby Freeman represent the 5th generation of Sweetsers and have taken over most of the day to day operations at the orchard. Greg works in the ski industry when he’s not on the farm and is up early every morning attending to farm chores. Debby is a nurse practitioner who doubles as the landscape designer and architect on the farm, maintaining the grounds, gardens, and flowers in top condition. Their son Eben is the 6th generation of Sweetser to work on the farm, and he is currently attending Dick’s alma-mater The University of Maine. Their older son Sam lives and works in Park City Utah.

IMG_3578Rommy Cornejo Holman is the full time Farm Manager at Sweetsers. She majored in Food Science in her native Bolivia and now enjoys crafting new apple recipes with Connie and Debby. She helps with everything from thinning and weeding to managing workers’ schedules, Twitter, and Facebook marketing. David Holman is Rommy’s husband from North Yarmouth who manages the Sweetser’s website and helps out with the many farm chores.




Becky Tiedemann has worked at Sweetser’s for over two decades doing everything from apple picking to sorting, baking, shipping and overseeing the market store. Becky  and continues to ensure that everything goes smoothly at the market.



IMG_3527Dorrie Kempton’s grandfather worked with apples and she can often be seen out in the orchards pruning, thinning or picking apples. Dory has worked at Sweetser’s for many seasons and comes rain or shine.





Molly and CherylCheryl Kempton has been helping us out at the store since she was 5, when she started stamping bags while her mom picked apples. Since then, she’s been coming to help us out every Cumberland Fair week. She is an elementary school teacher and proves to be a big help to us each year!





Molly and Pie (believe it or not!)Molly Poirier is related to the Sweetser family and this connection is what first brought her to work at the market. She knows everything there is to know about cider and apples and is always happy to test out any apple creation we make! This year she will be helping us out during the Cumberland Fair week, and is also an elementary school teacher!





IMG_7503Emily Follett is one of our high school students working for us, and this season marks 4 years of working with the Sweetser team. Her favorite apple is the Liberty, although she will gladly talk in depth about each apple variety. She frequently makes apple pies for everyone working at the market, and if you’re lucky enough to be here when she brings one in, it’s always a treat to test her award-winning apple pie (She won 3rd place at the Cumberland Fair)!


This is Elizabeth Shibles’ second year in the market, but she has proven to be a quick learner when it comes to anything apple related. She’s our “busy bee” around the market and is always flying around to help with our many tasks everyday! She’ll gladly help answer any questions you have about apples!





Sweetser’s employs all local pickers and market workers. For many of our high school employees, working at Sweetser’s is their first job, and we are proud of the achievements of our workers as they go on to college and the work place.

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