Greg Sweetser, the 5th generation of Sweetser’s, owns and operates this 200-year-old family business. Greg just retired from his career job as Executive Director of the Ski Maine Association. Greg lost his wife Debby Freeman to cancer in June of 2016. Greg’s sons, Sam and Eben, 6th generation Sweetser’s are following their careers outside of the State of Maine. Sam and his wife Erin are proud parents of the 7th generation, celebrating the birth of twins in May. 

Greg’s brother, Rick Sweetser and his wife Linda live with the matriarch of the family, Connie.  They are involved with operations of the orchard with Rick maintaining the grounds and orchard acreage.

Greg’s sister, Cathy Sweetser and her husband Jock Moore live in Greenville, but help when available and grow some of Maine’s finest garlic for the Apple Barrel.

Susan Novak is the full time Manager of the Apple Barrel. She oversees the Retail Market and has spent the summer renovating the display area. Susan’s enthusiasm and hard work fits in perfectly with Sweetser family philosophy and keeps the operation and schedules running smoothly.

Sweetser’s employs all local pickers and market workers. For many of our high school employees, working at Sweetser’s is their first job, and we are proud of the achievements of our workers as they go on to college and the work place.