April Morning 2012

The strawberry bed

The Strawberry bed is frost covered this morning, April 13, 2012. Time to pull weeds. Dry conditions have allowed us to till the remainder of the garden.

The apple buds are beginning to open

The buds are maturing early this year. Here we see the first tiny leaves breaking out. These hardy fruit trees can still withstand temperatures well below freezing for another couple of weeks, until the blossoms form.



Vintage Wolf River apple tree

This is the Biggest, Baddest, Apple tree in the Sweetser Orchard. And, it grows the biggest apples of any variety. A single Wolf River apple can weigh more than one pound. Last year’s beauty weighed in at 1.25 lbs. This tree awaits its spring pruning to remove the “suckers” growing staight up, but we will leave the upper brances to grow another valuable crop of these heritage apples. This is not an efficient tree to harvest, but it represents the traditional trees that dominated the apple industry for more than a century. This is a popular stop on our orchard walks.

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