September 18, 2019:

The harvest is underway. Red Gravenstein is still the pick of the week. Crisp and juicy.  We are offering Paula Red, Red Gravenstein, McIntosh, Cortland, Sweet Tart, Priscilla, Wealthy, Alemeda Crab apples.

The first Honeycrisp of the season are in the market this weekend.  

Macouns are in the market now. 

Our signature, Sweetser Apple Cider Donuts are available. We have partnered with HiFi Donuts for one of the most delicious cider donuts you'll taste this Fall.  And, when you are in downtown Portland, you will find our signature donuts on their menu board. 

FRESH VEGETABLES include -  CORN and a daily selection of Vegetables from Chipman Farm. 

The market is open daily, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

FRESH BAKED BREAD from The Standard Baking Company. Chocolate Chip and Molasses Cookies from Cumberland Baking Company.

LOCAL Maple Syrup and Honey


Orchard Ridge Farm Preserves, Salsa and Apple Butter 

We raise 50 varieties of apples here in Cumberland Center.

Our first summer cooking apples will be Yellow Transparent, Red Astrachan, and Duchess.