Since 1812 the Sweetser family has grown a

Since 1812 the Sweetser family has grown a wide variety of popular and heirloom apple varieties. Today, three generations of the Sweetser family help run the orchard business.  See the chart of our 39 apple varieties here. We are in the process of updating the chart to include the new varieties that we have planted. We now grow 50 varieties of apples on the Sweetser Orchard.

Our last day of the season was Sunday, December 15, 2013. We received several inches of fresh snow to mark the end of a great apple season. Our thanks to everyone who supported local agriculture this year. We celebrated 201 years of the homestead here in Cumberland Center, Maine. We’ll begin picking summer apples in July – see you then. 

Sweetser’s Apple Barrel & Orchards LLC

19 Blanchard Road
Cumberland, Maine 04021
Telephone: (207) 829 3074

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2 Responses to Since 1812 the Sweetser family has grown a

  1. Marianne says:


    just used your beautiful Paula Reds from Roche Bro in MA to make an apple pie~ perfection thank you !
    Upton, MA

  2. YVONNE says:

    The best Maine apple is the Northern Spy. I used to live in Cumberland, Me but now I live in North Carolina. I got my apples today. Just in time for my famous Thanksgiving apple pie. Thanks, Connie, Yvonne

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